We invite individuals concerned about civilization’s present direction to endorse the Scientists’ Warning by using the form below.  We encourage you to complete the optional field titled ‘Your Field, Position and/or Role in Life’.  The field is intended to allow each individual to assess the role that perhaps makes them most concerned and/or authoritative about the problems we are creating in the world.  So entries like Concerned Citizen, Mother, High School Teacher are just as fine as are Photographer, Artist, and Journalist, Author, IT, Engineer, etc.  The field is free form, so more than one way you define your role in life is fine as well.

As we grow in numbers, we grow in the strength of our assertions to policy makers, as well as the business and financial sectors.  Please share this website through social media, email and personal contacts.

Note that your email address will not be displayed on the list of endorsers or shared with others.  It will only be used by the Scientists’ Warning project for occasional communication about the project and in pursuit of its aims.