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We welcome you to submit blog posts on any of the stressors covered in the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, or other stressors not covered in the warning.  Topics can include ocean and air pollution, toxic chemicals and processes, the dominance of ‘profit’ over ‘people’ and all of life on Earth, soil degradation and destructive farming and forestry practices, threats to the biodiversity of a no longer healthy ecosphere, population, how we feed ourselves, industrial and personal carbon footprints, and the many components and impacts of climate change.  Don’t forget the topics of political advocacy, and grassroots organizing that are central to the Scientists’ Warning.

Articles should be brief and to the point, ranging from 250 to 1000 words.  Please include a selection of images you feel are appropriate, gleaned from the Internet in image searches, including images JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs.  Submit in any of the following formats: PDF, Word, Google Docs, HTML, or Text.

All articles will be reviewed prior to posting.  Any edits will be shared with you before posting in our blog.

Articles may be emailed to .  Don’t forget to upload your selected images. We will confirm receipt as soon as possible.

Deep Adaptation
Deep Adaptation This blog post includes the following: An opportunity to learn about and understand the term “Deep Adaptation”.  The

We must take action
Facts about our ecological crisis are incontrovertible. We must take action We are in the midst of the sixth mass

Meat, To Eat or Not to Eat
Meat, To Eat Or Not To Eat Written and curated by Patrick Hogan That is the question, whether ‘tis nobler

Ottawa, Canada – Presentation Experience & Unusual Weather Event
Hosting a Scientists’ Warning Presentation: Our experience from September 20, 2018 in Ottawa Canada By Charles Gregoire and Heidi Brault

8 Big Picture Scientists: “Big Picture” Scientists Share Grave Concerns
Eight “Big Picture” Scientists Share Grave Concerns By, J. Morris Hicks (8-31-18)Most scientists specialize in narrow fields of study and

The Urgent Need for an Academic Revolution
The crisis of our times is that we have science without wisdom. This is the crisis behind all the others.