We welcome everyone to sign and/or endorse the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity.  There are the three different groupings for adding your support to the Scientists’ Warning.  Since the Warning itself is a peer reviewed scientific paper, we refer to Scientists and Social Scientists as ‘signatories’.  We refer to the support of Individuals and Organizations as ‘endorsements’.   In all other respects they are the same thing and equally important to our goal of developing a global sense of solidarity, a ‘global constituency’ that backs the warning and is willing to take concerted action.  With your support we can attempt to change government and economic policies, the big changes needed to avert the many crises we face.

Please select the category for your signature that best represents your situation.  And if you are a scientist or social scientist, please consider both signing and endorsing as an individual since there are two separate databases kept of signatories and endorsements.  The global constituency for concerted action is being developed by means of the individuals and organizations that endorse the Scientists’ Warning.

We strongly urge you to share the Scientists’ Warning project and website widely with your contacts and social media.  Share by posting the link to ScientistsWarning.org in blogs and emails to friends and colleagues.  Write articles and Letters to the Editor of your local news paper.  Use imaginative means to share the effort with new communities.  And help us improve our outreach in any way you can using the Contact form we provide.