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Stuart is an eco-social strategist, educator and communicator. He was the first environmentalist stockbroker on Wall Street and founded an IT consultancy for major NYC banks. He went on to be a software engineer for IBM and then a college professor of mathematics, statistics and critical thinking.

His full-time career as an unsponsored ecological strategist and international speaker began in 2007 with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. He was Deputy Director General of the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO), and Chief Ecological Officer of NagaCorp, Ltd. Stuart is the Founder and Executive Director of (United Planet Faith & Science Initiative), the Executive Producer of ScientistsWarning.TV and Executive Director of . He actively participates in the United Nations climate negotiations and is extremely proud to have brought Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist, to COP-24 in December 2018.

He was recently diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in his 6th cervical vertebra. He is pursuing medical interventions and healing therapies that encompass both traditional and alternative, holistic approaches. He is currently undergoing radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy.

Stuart has devoted his life to heightening awareness of the urgency of climate change and humanity’s unwitting destruction of the biosphere upon which we depend. He passionately fights for the protection of Life on Earth — via presentations, panel discussions, and interviews with top scientists journalists and activists. Those of you who know Stuart are aware that he has been using his own funds to pursue this critical work for the benefit of all. He is now facing a huge personal challenge. Please join us in helping Stuart heal.

Stuart is requesting that those who are so inclined send him healing intentions and light. Set aside any disbeliefs for awhile and just imagine that your healing thoughts are helping Stuart.

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Stuart has always resisted asking for donations for his work; however, these are unusual circumstances and he will need help to cover his medical expenses. His plans are to recover and to return to his climate work when the time is right.

Stuart was inspired to write the following:

I have loved the Earth and all the life on it. But I exhausted myself in trying to heal the damage we’ve done and in the process developed cancer. I must retire from the battle now to overcome this obstacle. I am with you all and I hope that you all are with me in this time of personal need.

We have sold our children’s future for a fistful of dollars, so that the wealthiest and greediest amongst us could enslave the rest with wage-slavery and debt-slavery. But all of us are culpable for turning a blind eye to the damage we do daily in pursuit of personal pleasure, advantage, and convenience.

To all those who have followed and appreciated my work, I ask you to personally continue that work. Whenever you find yourself thinking, “Someone should…” remember that you are that someone. The inspiration came to you, and how to proceed will follow close behind.

“Do or do not, there is no try.”
Yoda, Jedi Master