The Case for Space Ship Earth

The Case for
Space Ship Earth

By Tom Brinkman

Our earthly home is commonly visualized as “planet earth”. True enough, but in fact we really are also living aboard a space ship made by Nature—Space Ship Earth.

It is disturbing that the American public has been slow to focus on, and take to heart, the very large, difficult, complex and vital issue of Earth’s environmental survival—air, water, food, population, and extinctions. We live in a “sound bite” society which allows over-simplification of complex issues, distortions, and cherry-picking of facts. Many citizens are too busy working, raising families, or are too impatient to read in-depth discussions. Too many of our leaders and citizens shrink from facing environmental issues (“I’m not a scientist….”), but then rely on unsupported opinions. Some people in our society repeat, and repeat again, distortions even though scientists possess facts, good data, numbers and charts, and exercise sound judgement regarding environmental issues. However, in my opinion science has often presented its case in terminology and phraseology that does not catch the interest of, or speak to, the nontechnical, busy, average citizen. I believe that the perspective of living on Space Ship Earth gives us a concept which ties together the multi-faceted challenges to Earth’s ecological survival and does so in “everyman’s” language—hopefully this resonates with our general citizenry. After all, we live together on the Good Ship Earth and we need to be united as we confront dangerous global environmental challenges.

My background in aeronautical engineering and electrical engineering helps me to view Planet Earth both from afar, as well as how Nature works at a close-in detailed level. Given these perspectives I find it both difficult and wrong to just sit on my hands as we confront these issues. And so I direct your attention to my article, in pdf form, which hopefully you find non-political and which paints the picture of The Case for Space Ship Earth. This article consists of the following sections:

  1. The Big Picture
  2. Air Supply
  3. Water Supply
  4. Food Supply
  5. The Passenger List
  6. Leadership and Crew
  7. Final Thoughts

If you find this article of value, I offer it freely for use to further the cause of environmental improvement in your city, state, the U.S., or anywhere onboard our Space Ship Earth.

We are all alone out here,

Tom Brinkman

One Reply to “The Case for Space Ship Earth”

  1. Evolution is simply taking its course. We are a species that is changing our planet. We aren’t the first to do so and we probably won’t be the last. Life goes on.

    Humans have created many civilizations. And many, despite awesome accomplishments, have eventually lost their power and faded from history’s stage. It’s happened before and will happen again.

    The “Space Ship Earth” will continue to sail on….humans just won’t be at the helm.

    Evolution has presented our species with a unique problem – an intelligence that is ultimately self-destructive. Our failure to recognize that problem and solve it…well…that too is evolution.

    G. Dean

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