This alert from the Alliance of World Scientists (AWS) examines the collapse of food webs as a result of global change stressors. The following is an excerpt from the abstract:

“All organisms are ultimately dependent on a large diversity of consumptive and non-consumptive interactions established with other organisms, forming an intricate web of interdependencies. In 1992, when 1700 concerned scientists issued the first “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity”, our understanding of such interaction networks was still in its infancy. By simultaneously considering the species (nodes) and the links that glue them together into functional communities, the study of modern food webs – or more generally ecological networks – has brought us closer to a predictive community ecology.”

This article was published in Web Ecology on April 3, 2020, and its authors are Heleno, R.H., Ripple, W.J., and Traveset, A. Here is a link to a pdf file:

Scientists’ Warning on Endangered Food Webs