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Welcome From Dr. Alison Green, Executive Director
I am very proud to be serving as your new Executive Director. Some of you may know me already from some panel presentations and conversations I have been featured in for Scientists’ Warning. Based in Cambridge in the UK, I am a cognitive psychologist and former university Pro Vice-Chancellor.

I was inspired by movements like Scientists Warning and Fridays for Future to give up my job and focus my efforts on protecting life on earth, and have authored numerous press letters and articles.

This is an exciting time for Scientists Warning, as we establish ourselves as a registered Foundation in California. As a non-profit Foundation, we will be able to raise funds to finance new initiatives. We have refined our mission and vision to put science firmly at the heart of what we do. Our vision is for a planet on which we all accept, know and understand our place in the web of life. We will work to bring the science to all, so that all appreciate the need to balance well-being for all with climate safety and healthy ecologies.

In particular, we are renewing our focus on the Scientists’ Warning articles and papers authored by Professor William J. Ripple and his associates. I am especially pleased to tell you that I will be interviewing William J. Ripple this week as part of our new ‘In conversation with….’ series of Scientist Warning videos for our channel. We are planning conversations with a host of scientists, and we’ll bring these to you as they are produced.

With so much misinformation and pseudoscience out there, it has never been more important that we effectively communicate the science, and understand what science can and cannot tell us. If we all unite behind the science, we can learn how we can live well within planetary limits, impart that knowledge to others, and help excise the rot and paralysis from our politics.

Also serving on the Board of Directors:

Robert Garrity, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Robert serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Scientists Warning Foundation and oversees the day to day operations and the over all functioning of the various teams on the Foundation.  Robert was responsible for incorporating the Foundation and currently also serves as the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer. He interacts with
all the various teams, providing assistance as needed and keeping track of
the overall schedules for producing content.

Robert has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of San Francisco and had a career that included being involved with a major internet
startup company, @HomeNetworks that became the leading company for high speed
internet over cable modems. Robert also spent 40 years involved in spiritual studies and practices and served on the Board of Directors of the Arica Institute, a non-profit spiritual educational organization. He also served as Treasurer of the Institute.

A lifelong environmentalist, Robert came out of retirement to help the Scientists Warning website but soon took on more duties and was ultimately asked to become the Chief Operating Officer. Robert is married and lives with his wife April in the San Francisco Bay Area. His other interests include wine, sports, travel and films.

Matthew Gahan, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Bio Coming Soon. Check back shortly.

Shani Cairns, Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
Shani is the Director of Communications for the Scientists Warning Foundation. She is an avid science researcher and communicator. Shani analyzes data from many scientific agencies. She manages media, content, and knowledgebases. She also works with both the Web and Video content teams and manages several social media marketing platforms; including the Scientists’ Warning Foundation Facebook Group. Prior to joining the Foundation, she was part of various teams with the Scientists Warning initiative.

Shani holds a BA in Psychology, as well a Masters in Information Science and Research Methodologies. Currently, Shani is researching, writing and blogging about cryosphere and geological topics such as the Arctic, methane, direct air capture, renewable energy and more. In addition to being a climate/environmental activist, her interests include Komuso shakuhachi studies, traveling, veganism, languages, the arts, and philosophy.

Heidi Brault, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Heidi is the Director of Information for the Scientists Warning Foundation. She manages the newsletter, and works with both the Web and Video content teams, and will be providing support for other teams as required. Prior to joining the Foundation, she was part of various teams with the Scientists Warning initiative, including the COP 25 team in Madrid, Spain, and managed the Translation Team.

Heidi has a BA in Psychology, as well as a Library & Information Technician Diploma and a translation certificate. She is retired from a career as a Metadata & Library Technician, having worked for the Government of Canada and Nortel Networks, among other organizations. In addition to being a climate/environmental activist, her interests include tandem cycling, traveling, vegetarianism, languages, music and spirituality.

Charles Gregoire, Chief Technical Assistant (CTA)
Charles is the Chief Technical Assistant for the Scientists Warning Foundation, and provides technical support for the newsletter, website, and YouTube channel. Prior to joining the Foundation, he was the Webmaster for the Scientists Warning initiative, provided technical support for the video channel, and was part of the COP 25 team in Madrid, Spain, as Technical Assistant.

Charles has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and is a retired manager/electrical engineer, having worked for Nortel Networks, formerly Bell Northern Research, for over 20 years in chip design, cell site systems, and hardware design management. In addition to being a climate/environmental activist, Charles’ interests include tandem cycling, gardening, traveling, vegetarianism, music, and spirituality.

Our Staff Members:
This list will be updated shortly. Please check back soon.