Our vision, an ecological movement to protect and preserve Life on Earth

ScientistsWarning.org Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of an exceptional group of individuals with deep experience and passion in climate and related fields. Advisors assist us with visioning, strategy, and perhaps most importantly, they help us edit, improve and refine the information presented.

Dr. William (Bill) Ripple, Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Oregon State University, Lead Author of the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity – Second Notice.

Dr. William Rees, Professor of Environmental Public Policy and Planning, originator of the concept of ‘ecological footprint’.

Nadine Hack, CEO beCause Consulting, named one of the top 100 Thought Leaders on Trustworthy Business Behavior.

Joan Diamond, Executive Director, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere, Stanford University.

Dr. Clóvis Cavalcanti, President of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE).

Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute, Author and International Lecturer.

Patrick Hogan, Emeritus Earth Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center.

Brian Czech, Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Steady-State Economics (CASSE).

Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Footprint Network.

Marete Johansson, Official: Coordination Of Humanitarian Affairs At The UN; Personal: Advocate For Real Food Systems.