100 Years of Science Warnings Ignored

Many scientists and researchers have pointed out that what we call climate change is really a complex interrelated set of phenomena that may result in ecological disaster, biodiversity loss, biosphere destruction, civilizational collapse, mass extinction, and beyond. Climate change is already causing significant and potentially irreversible effects to our planetary systems, including rising temperatures, sea […]

Climate Crisis On Trial: Taking it to Court

“One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. At 2C There Will Be 1000 Million Refugees. According to the paper “The Future of the Human Niche” authored by climate expert and renowned scientist Timothy […]

Nuclear Power: A Risk Analysis

“Far from tackling climate change, nuclear power is an expensive distraction whose safety is threatened by wildfires and floods, experts say.” – Climate News Network 100 Seconds to MidnightThe atomic Doomsday Clock (video) was moved to 90 SECONDS to midnight January 23, 2023. This the closest it has ever been before in history. As the […]

After COP27, What Are The Options? An Introduction to Plan E

Introduction There is wide agreement that the Paris Agreement and subsequent COP meetings, while involving myriads of well-intentioned people, are hitting the hard limits of what is politically possible. Yet the planet’s climate and ecological stability is also pressing upon more significant biophysical limits. So, what options do we have? Reviewed by Counterpunch, a bold […]

COP27: Summit or Scam?

Greenwashing at COP27 What was unthinkable only a decade ago is happening now. The climate crisis has pushed planetary boundaries to the limits. UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ declared earlier this year that the climate crisis is past a point of no return and further stated that “we must rise to this enormous historical responsibility.” Therefore, […]

Action is the Antidote: Writers Rebel Calls Out GWPF Denial

XR Writers Rebel Takes Action XR Writers Rebel, a group that ‘aims to tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency‘ now underway involving writers within and without Extinction Rebellion (a.k.a. XR), has recently gathered some of the great unsung heroes of our time to write and speak about the ongoing atrocity of climate […]

Our Hothouse Future: A Discussion with Prof Bill McGuire

Our Hothouse Future: A Discussion with Prof Bill McGuire Scientists’ Warning Foundation, Scientific Advisory Board member Bill McGuire recently met up with Dr. Alison Green to discuss the controversies surrounding the ongoing debate pertaining to the 1.5C aspirational goal as well as the ongoing climate emergency with Professor Bill McGuire. In this latest interview from […]

The Arctic Death Spiral

The Arctic in Free Fall
According to Jarvis Cocker, author at The Guardian who wrote The Iceman Cometh, “of the Arctic sea ice, 75% has been lost over the past 30 years. Last year saw sea-ice levels plummet to the second-lowest since records began.

Debunked: The Coming Ice Age

One very popular and perennial denial claim is the myth that winter is coming, or rather that there is a coming ice age. In this discussion we will debunk these climate denial-based myths. Other myths are also discussed such as the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) theory.