Geoengineering: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
We were supposed to start to bring our emissions down globally at least two decades ago, but instead they have increased. Even though many groups like the Club of Rome are now calling for significant reduction of emissions by the 2020’s, it’s hard to imagine it happening by any stretch. Because we continue to fail to act in other ways to clean up our planet, geoengineering, which has been called a devil’s bargain, is becoming one of our only remaining options. Though it is certainly no substitute for cutting emissions.

Desertification/Land Use

Desertification/Land Use History | References “[…] it looks like the history of the Chinese in the Loess Plateau is not simply about the Chinese. It’s about what happens when human beings don’t understand how ecosystems function.” –John D. Liu What is the Desertification/Land Use Issue? The UN Convention to Combat Desertification defines desertification as land […]