Please Join the Scientists’ Warning Initiative

With your support we can attempt to change government and economic policies, the big changes needed to avert the many crises we face.  Please help us assemble a global constituency for united action comprised of individuals and organizations concerned about the future of humanity and life on Earth.

Note to Scientists & Social Scientists

If you have already signed the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity at the website of the Alliance of World Scientists, either before or after it was published, we ask you to also endorse this parallel effort.  We are in cooperation with the Alliance of World Scientists in this effort to build a movement to change the current trajectory of civilization.

If you are a scientist or social scientist but have not yet signed the peer-reviewed World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity published in December 2017 in the online journal BioScience, which launched this new ecological movement, please also do so here.

Please Share

We strongly urge you to share the Scientists’ Warning project and website widely with your contacts and social media.  Share by posting the link to in blogs and emails to friends and colleagues.  Write articles and Letters to the Editor of your local news paper.  Use imaginative means to share the effort with new communities.  And help us improve our outreach in any way you can using the Contact form we provide.