We invite all types of organizations and companies to endorse the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity.  This can include organizations that are local in scope to ones that are international in scope, formally registered organizations, and informal ones (unregistered), from non-profits to businesses and everything in between.

To do so an authorized representative of the organization may use the form below.  Only the name of the organization and the nation in which it operates (or ‘International’ when appropriate) are displayed publicly.  And we encourage you to upload a copy of your organization’s logo if you have one for eventual display on a page showing our organizational support.

As we grow in numbers, we grow in the strength of our assertions to policy makers, as well as the business and financial sectors. Organizational endorsements add greatly in this regard. Please upload a compact version of your organization’s logo for our possible use on the website or in promoting the Scientists’ Warning.

Note that your email address will not be displayed on the list of endorsers or shared with others. It will only be used by the Scientists Warning project for occasional communication or additional collaboration with you as part of the Alliance of World Scientists (AWS).

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