We invite all scientists and social scientists concerned about civilization’s present direction to endorsement the Scientists’ Warning project by using the form below.  This includes people in academic (post graduate students and up), scientists in professions and in the business world, active and retired (emeritus).  We are intending to create a very broad constituency.  Note that the social sciences include many, many fields and specializations, in the hundreds by some counts (see Wikipedia’s Outline of Social Science).

Once you endorse here, please also become a signatory of the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity – Second Notice.  We apologize for the duplication of effort, but two separate databases are being maintained.

As we grow in numbers, we grow in the strength of our assertions to policy makers, as well as the business and financial sectors.  Please share this website through social media, email and personal contacts, with your students, professors, and contacts of all kinds.  There are forms for Individual Endorsements by non-scientists of all ages, and for Organizational Endorsements, for registered and unregistered organizations of all kinds, including businesses and corporations.

Note that your email address will not be displayed on the list of endorsers or shared with others.  It will only be used by the Scientists’ Warning project for occasional communication about the project and in pursuit of its aims.

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