Stuart H. Scott (born December 7th, 1948) is an American environmentalist and educator known for his creativity in communicating the urgency and severity of the impact of the current ‘growth’ economic system on climate, habitability of Earth, and society.

Principally known for his visibility at UN-sponsored climate negotiations, or COPS and extensive video interviews, his thesis is that modern economies, their unrelenting emphasis on growth, privately owned central banks exponentially expanding the money supply, are akin to a cancer with humanity as its host, that will inevitably destroy the host. Individual people are analogous to cells in a single human host that has a metastasizing cancer.

He views humanity’s dominant, relentless, money-motivated obsession with ‘making more money’ as an end in itself, to be a thought form or meme destroying its host, since the stability and viability of the ecosphere is constantly degraded and undermined in the pursuit of ‘making money’ by people and the artificial ‘corporate persons’ that have been created and arguably favored by national governments. In this regard, he considers himself a ‘memetic engineer’ attempting to alter the meme before it destroys the collective host, humanity.

Scott is the ultimate ‘systems thinker’, with training in a variety of scientific fields, work experience in finance, education and information systems, as well as extensive investigative immersion in Nature, cognitive psychology and long-time presentation skills, having been an amateur stage performer in his teens. His persistence and unwavering focus is on revealing the disastrous flaws in the current Neo-Classical economic system and promoting Ecological Economics (also known as Steady-State-Economics) as alternative models for a sustainable human economy. His work has brought him into contact with a wide range of notable people, including leading integrative thinkers across many domains including science, politics, economics and spirituality. He prefers to work unfunded due to the ‘editorial bias’ and control that funding brings, either implicitly or explicitly.

Over time, Scott has allied himself with a wide variety of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and is credited with coalescing the ‘faith community’ within the UNFCCC climate negotiations. Since ‘quitting his day job’ in 2008, he has attended most of the annual COP meetings, where he became skilled at creating press conferences, eventually reshaping the facilities provided by the UN into a sort of ‘talk show’. Relying only upon volunteer help, he produces and distributes these programs as ScientistsWarning.TV.

Scott succeeded in convincing famed climate scientist James Hansen, former Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Science, to attend the climate talks that he had previously shunned as an ineffective sham, first to COP-21 in Paris (2015), and again to COP-23 in Bonn, Germany (2017). At COP-21 Hansen summarily dismissed the negotiations as ineffective by design, saying that it would instead ‘screw the next generation and all future generations’.

In 2018, Scott brought young Greta Thunberg and her father Svante Thunberg, to COP-24 in Poland, from which Greta’s unwavering clear message to world leaders was amplified and her position cemented as the preeminent spokesperson for youth and future generations.