‘We Can’t Save the World by Playing by the Rules, Because the Rules Have to Change.’ – Greta Thunberg

Activism & Civil Disobedience
Now more than ever, citizens of the world must take action regarding the climate crisis. Activism is an essential part of being a good citizen of any county or nation state.

Civil Disobedience is an idea that a majority of educated people agree with when the fate of the world lies in the balance. It is recommended that one watch this video on Henry David Thoreau. Below are numerous options to get involved and participate in activism for the climate crisis and related social justice issues which you can become part of today.

Join the School Strike for Climate
In the following video Greta Thunberg describes the School Strike for Climate which students of all ages can all take part in. Students of all ages around the globe are encouraged to participate. Every Friday of the week there is a school strike somewhere. >> More at

The Letter
Academics and scientists are also standing behind these earth strikes. In the following letter of intent posted in the Guardian the undersigned academics write that they will pledge to stand in solidarity with the children going on school climate strikes, and with all those taking a stand for the future of the planet.

More About Greta Thunberg’s Climate Strikes
Greta Thunberg is a 15-year-old Swedish activist, who has called for a global climate strike. The day of action is set for Friday at “your school” or “anywhere you feel called.” Thunberg, who made headlines for her now-weekly school strikes to urge her home country to take bold climate action has been called the “Joan of Arc” for modern times.

We Don’t Have Time are currently building the world’s largest social network for climate action. Together we can solve the climate crisis. But we are running out of time.  >> More at

Join The Extinction Rebellion and Become a Rebel for Life
The following video introduces the Extinction Rebellion coordinators and their mission:

Fight for Life. We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. The government has failed to protect us. To survive, it’s going to take everything we’ve got. >> More at

Join The Earth Strike
According to eminent scholar and laureate professor emeritus, Noam Chomsky, “the Mission Statement of the Earth Strike is bold, ambitious and cogent. More than that, it issues a challenge that is of extreme urgency, addressing the most crucial question humans have ever had to face: do we have the will and the honor to act now to preserve the possibility of a decent existence for future generations, or are we so self-centered and cowardly that we will impose upon them a bitter fate – and not in the distant future.” >> More at

Noam Chomsky discusses the upcoming January 15, 2019 Earth Strike in this video:


Join the “Thanks Plankton” Daily Meditation
Anyone can do this. All you have to do is say “Thanks Plankton!everyday or at least as often as you can. Change your mind, change the world. Guy Lane, Environmental Scientist and Climate Writer,  says “the Plankton Meditation is a guided meditation that helps you come to terms with fundamental ecological truths that are often overlooked.”

In order to set your intention toward healing and regeneration of the biosphere, please utilize this beautiful and mesmerizing plankton meditation to learn how to begin to visualize and heal the biosphere in synergy with life itself. Visualization is a powerful tool to enhance performance, increase problem solving, and change your world.

Guy Lane says “Every day, at least once, I like to say, “Thanks Plankton” as a way of recognizing the role that plankton play in my life.”

Join us and thank the plankton today!


Political Activism: Voting
For those who are eligible voting citizens of a democratic nation, now, more than ever, it’s important to be well informed regarding the policies being enacted by one’s government and to express your opinions and understanding in the most fundamental way possible by voting in elections for the candidates whom you believe best represents your views. Staying well informed is an ongoing challenge and finding news and analysis sources whom you believe are credible can help with this. This is a life skill that needs to be built up over time requiring patience and persistence.

Political activism means being an active participant in the political process. By voting, lobbying, working for a campaign, volunteering or protesting, citizens exercise their right to civic involvement. In this Political Activism Web Guide, learn about the voting process and voter registration, or find a campaign, party or cause to volunteer in.

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Note: This page is in a very early draft stage and as with many wiki pages, it is a work in progress. It aims to inform the reader of the many discussion around activism related to climate change and related issues now taking place around the globe.

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  1. “Civil Disobedience is an idea that a majority of educated people agree with when the fate of the world lies in balance.”
    I’m a person with ESL (English as a second language), so forgive my question. The sentence above does not make sense to me – I thought “…when the fate of the world lies in IMbalance…” Why would people resort to Civil Disobedience if the world were “IN” balance?
    PS: Very good start/articles on this new page!!! Compliments!

    1. Hi D.R. Zimdahl,

      Thanks for your comment. We are glad you are enjoying this content!

      “Lies in the balance” is a common English phrase. This is actually correct English. Here are a couple links defining this common English phrase as follows:

      Cambridge English Dictionary on the meaning of in the balance:

      Reverso Language Learning Dictionary on the meaning of lies in the balance:

      If a situation is in the balance, it has reached a stage where it will soon have to be decided one way or another. It is similar to a dilemma.

      Occasionally you will also see the phrase “hangs in the balance” which conveys the same meaning. It is counter intuitive like many English phrases. It is a good idea to look up these phrases online when you have questions.

      Thanks again and keep us posted on your questions.

      Happy Holidays,
      SW Web Team

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