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What Kids Want to Know
What is global warming? What is climate science? What can I do about it? What does it mean for the future? Why should I care? Climate change can be a challenging conversation topic for your average 8 to 18 year old. But many children and young adults are already asking lot’s of questions about climate change.  Be prepared to answer their questions with these resources just for youth.

Please note the books and videos recommended here should be freely available at your local public library, another great resource for kids. Visit the Children’s Library Lady for even more book recommendations. Cultivating caring, nature appreciation, and radical hope is extremely important for youth today. A great place to begin teaching and learning is with The World Count’s facts, figures and definitions for kids on this page: do you know why we call our planet Mother Earth?


Art & Activism for Youth


Books & Movies for Youth


Tips for Talking About Climate Change For Parents


YouTube Video & Interactive Learning Resources for Youth
Here is a link to abundant climate kids explanations and resources with live interactive video programs for kids, even by kids, available for free on YouTube.


Just for Fun!

Wonkavision Fun Facts for Kids of All Ages
The Science of Healthy Chocolate & Willy Wonka

Say “Thanks Plankton!”
Kids of all ages can do this. All you have to do is say “Thanks Plankton!everyday or at least as often as you can. What are plankton? What are phytoplankton?

Did you know that 90% of the marine plants are phytoplankton? Did you know that 50% of the air we breathe is made by plankton?

Change your mind, change the world. Guy Lane, Environmental Scientist and Climate Writer,  says “the Plankton Meditation is a guided meditation that helps you come to terms with fundamental ecological truths that are often overlooked.” This also helps teach nature appreciation and awareness as well. Learn more in this video about the Secret Life of Plankton.

In order to set your intention toward healing and regeneration of the biosphere, please utilize this beautiful and mesmerizing plankton song to learn how to begin to visualize and heal the biosphere in synergy with life itself. Visualization is a powerful tool to enhance performance, increase problem solving, and change your world.

Guy Lane says “Every day, at least once, I like to say, “Thanks Plankton” as a way of recognizing the role that plankton play in my life.”

Thank the plankton today!

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Note: This page is in a very early draft stage and as with many wiki pages, it is a work in progress. It aims to inform the reader of the many resources for children, youth, teens and young adults dealing with climate change and related social justice issues.

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